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We offer remote controls that allow you to adjust your hearing aids
with a touch of a button!
Many accessories for your TV, landline phone, cell phone, music listening devices and computer are available. Thanks to Bluetooth technology, your hearing aids are able to become like a wireless headset for all your multimedia needs.

The size of a hearing aid depends on a few factors, the main ones being the size of your ear canal and your degree of hearing loss. Manufacturers have come a long way in creating very powerful hearing aids in small, compact, and usable sizes.
Whether you would like your hearing aid to blend in with your hair or skin colour, or take a bold look with vibrant colours, there are several options to choose from!
The rapid advance in technology over the past few years have transformed the performance and appearance of hearing aids. Hearing aids are better at helping your brain make sense of sound, understand speech and locating sounds. The different levels of technology accomplish this in different ways. All hearing aids help you hear better but the most advanced ones help you hear more naturally.
Pure Charge and Go hearing aids

Top 5 ways to make hearing aids more affordable

Before we dive in, we want to let everyone know that we understand hearing aids are expensive and cost can be a sensitive topic for some. Everyone has different budgets and we will do everything we can to find ways to make your hearing health as good as it can be in...
Wearing a mask with hearing aids

Pandemic hearing health

When we were all introduced to Covid, little did we know how much of an impact the virus could have. It has affected how we communicate, work, play, interact and hear.  Wearing masks has been a big deal for those with hearing loss. Not only does it hide half your face...
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My Hearing Aid Quit Working

It can be very frustrating when your hearing aid quits and stops working. It usually happens during an important meeting, or on the weekend, or right before a big trip. There are many reasons why a hearing aid can stop working and there are a few things you can try at...
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When should I have my hearing checked?

Routine Hearing Test We all know that we should get our teeth and eyes checked on a regular basis, but what is the rule of thumb for hearing? Routine check-ups are recommended and the best time to start is now. Have your hearing checked every 2 to 3 years. Your sense...

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