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There's many options to help with funding of your hearing aids!


We at Ritcey Hearing understand everyone is on a different budget. Once we sit down and discuss some of the programs below that may apply to you, we will discuss hearing aids that fit your needs and budget.
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There are many options offered by Provincial and Federal Programs that you may be eligible for.
Workman's Compensation Claim
If you have worked in an environment with noise exposure, you may want to start a Workman’s Compensation claim with the province in which you worked. We have extensive knowledge filling out the claims for many of the provinces. We can assist you with this process.
Social Development Health Card
Anyone under the age of 65 who has a New Brunswick Health Card may be eligible for Hearing Aid coverage. Anyone over the age of 65 who has limited income may also apply for coverage
VAC Health Card Accepted
VAC Health Identification Card accepted.
Military Coverage
If you have served time in the Canadian military or militia you may be eligible for hearing aid coverage. We can help you get in touch with the right department at DVA.
Private Health Insurance
Many Private Health Insurance Plans pay some towards Hearing Aids. Most require an Audiologist’s prescription and we can provide you with one.
Individualized Payment Plans

3 Month 0% Financing:

For clients who prefer short-term, interest-free financing rather than one full payment upfront. Make one payment upon your hearing aid fitting followed by three post-dated cheques payable before your 90-day satisfaction period is complete.

1-5 Year Low-Interest Financing:

Need more time? Our 1-5 year low-interest financing is ideal for clients who need more than 3 months to pay for their hearing aids. Make one 10% deposit upon your hearing aid fitting, followed by a monthly, pre-authorized debit payment over the chosen term.

Post Secondary Education
If you are attending a post secondary learning institution you may qualify for funding.

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