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How can I restore my hearing?

Usually, hearing loss is permanent. Consult our audiologist to see if your symptoms are medical in nature and need further treatment, especially if you have a sudden hearing loss. Even hearing instruments will not restore normal hearing. Hearing instruments will make previously missed sounds available at the level of stimulation your auditory system needs at that particular pitch.

What causes ringing in my head/ears?

The ringing sensation that can be detected in your head, or individual ears, is called tinnitus. This ringing is usually an indication of some damage to your auditory system (especially noise damage). It can be constant or periodic and on one specific side or in the middle of your head. Although there is no known cause of tinnitus, sometimes hearing aids help reduce the symptoms by bringing more sound to the brain, thus distracting attention from the ringing. If you have ringing consistently on one side, you will want to ask your doctor about it. We offer tinnitus assessment and counseling.

How long does a hearing test appointment take?

We schedule 45 minutes for a hearing test. This will give us enough time to do a thorough hearing evaluation and to counsel you regarding your degree and type of hearing loss as well implications of your hearing loss. We will advise you to seek medical intervention as warranted and advise you if you are a candidate for hearing aids.


The cost of hearing aids range depending on the technology of the hearing aid, if extended warranties are included and what professional services are offered with the hearing aid. It really depends on what you need the hearing aids to do. Typically a hearing aid starts at $1000 for a basic technology model and can go up to approximately $3000 for the premium model. There are no taxes on hearing aids as they are considered a medical expense.

I have a hearing aid but I don’t wear/like it. Can I trade it in for a better one?

Hearing aids are always purchased with a trial period of 3 months, so if your hearing aid is less than 3 months old it can likely be returned to the manufacturer and a new hearing aid can be tried. Older hearing aids cannot be traded in.

Do I need a hearing test?

Most hearing loss is gradual so you may not recognize the symptoms right away. You may start by asking people to repeat themselves or by turning the volume up on the television. If you start to notice some of the following symptoms, it may be time to schedule a hearing test:

  • People seem to be mumbling
  • You have to strain to hear when someone talks or whispers
  • You have difficulty hearing someone call from behind or from another room
  • You need to watch a speaker’s lips more closely to follow conversation
  • Following a conversation is difficult when you’re in a group of people, for example at a meeting, at family gatherings, at church, or during lectures
  • You have to turn up the volume on the TV or radio
  • You have problems hearing clearly on the telephone
  • You have difficulty hearing at the theatre, cinema, or other entertainment venues
  • It’s hard to hear in noisy environments, for example in a restaurant or in a car
  • You have begun to limit your social activities due to difficulty hearing and communicating
  • Family, friends, or colleagues mention that they often have to repeat thems

If you think you may be experiencing hearing loss, please call us today and we will be happy to set up an appointment for you to be tested.

Can you elaborate on your lifetime service plan?

Hearing aids need regular maintenance and do need to be repaired from time to time. Some repairs are done in the clinic while other ones need to be sent back to the manufacturer. Having extended warranties gives you an extra layer of comfort. Hearing aids also need to be fitted to you so that means that a professional needs to spend time with you adjusting your hearing aid so you get the most out of your purchase. Sometimes this takes a few visits to get everything just right. Our service plan is all inclusive which means that once you purchase your aid, all appointments are covered at no extra expense to you.

How do I get the wax out of my ear?

If you think you have wax in your ears you may feel “plugged” up or things may sound muffled. If you have a hole in your eardrum, or have “tubes “ in your ears or have surgery on your ears then it is best to consult your family Doctor or ENT Doctor before trying to remove the wax. Otherwise, we suggest putting a few drops of mineral oil in your ear at bedtime for 7-10 days to loosen up the wax then make an appointment to get your family doctor or hearing care professional to remove the wax.

How long is the wait for an appointment?

The wait for a hearing test appointment is usually within 1 -2 days. A hearing test takes approximately 45 minutes. If you have a sudden hearing loss we try to see you within 24 hours. For cleaning or picking up of supplies just stop by during regular clinic hours.

What types of hearing loss are there?

  • Conductive Hearing Loss: Conductive hearing loss results from a problem with the conduction of sound from the outer ear (part that you see) to the inner ear (where the nerve is located). This can result from wax buildup, ear infections, trauma to the ear, or any other problem with the eardrum or bones that conduct sound through the middle ear. Those with this type of loss have a problem with volume rather than understanding ability.
  • Sensorineural Hearing Loss: Sensorineural hearing loss involves some sort of deterioration of the inner ear or the hearing nerve. The aging process, noise-exposure, some cancer treatments, illness, and other degenerative processes could cause this loss. This type of hearing loss sometimes impairs understanding ability and causes those with the loss to be sensitive to loud sounds.
  • Mixed Hearing Loss: Mixed hearing losses contain some conductive elements and some sensorineural elements.


No we do not rent hearing aids as have found that over a 5 year period (standard life of a hearing aid) the client ends up paying a lot more for them. We feel that if we work with you individually we can find a payment option that works for you and you own them.

CAN I JUST BUY 1 hearing aid ?

If your hearing loss is in both ears, then wearing two hearing aids is the best way to hear most naturally. Wearing two offers more advantages than just wearing one hearing aid. You will be able to hear in noise better, be able to locate sound better and have a more comfortable and natural sound.

Why should I buy hearing aids locally?

Getting to know your local Hearing Care professional is a valuable part of your overall health. They will spend time with you getting to know your hearing challenges and successes. You are more than just a number to them. You are supporting your neighbours and your community by doing so. We pride ourselves on being very accessible and strive to find a solution for you quickly. Hearing aids do break down and sometimes adjusting to new hearing aids can be a challenge. It is easier to work with a professional locally rather than driving for hours to your appointments or waiting on the phone in hopes a human may pick up.

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