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Hearing Aids

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Benefits of hearing aids

At Ritcey Hearing, we focus with the journey to better health and communication rather than the hearing aids themselves. We are here with you every step of the way while you adjust to your new way of hearing your world.

Better Living

Everyone who has experienced hearing loss knows how valuable an asset hearing is. Connecting with family and friends improves all aspects of life and produces happier and healthier people.

Better Cognition

Did you know people have untreated hearing loss have an increased risk in developing dementia and reduced cognitive function? This alone should spark anyone to get a hearing test completed, even if they are unsure if they need a hearing aid.

Masking Tinnitus

Being fit with a hearing aid can help manage tinnitus. Just being able to hear more of your environment will help mask over that annoying sound in your head. Some hearing aids have built-in technology designed just for the management of Tinnitus!


Are you on the fence about hearing aids? Did you know Ritcey Hearing has a program where you can try out your hearing aids to make sure they are right for you? There’s no risk and no pressure to keep them.
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You’re going to love your hearing aid!
Part of the process of finding the right hearing aid for you is understanding what can be done with hearing aids in today’s world of technology. Many hearing aids have wireless or Bluetooth technology enabling you to connect to devices such as your phone or TV.
The size of a hearing aid depends on a few factors, the main ones being the size of your ear canal and your degree of hearing loss. Manufacturers have come a long way in creating very powerful hearing aids in small, compact, and usable sizes.
Whether you would like your hearing aid to blend in with your hair or skin colour, or take a bold look with vibrant colours, there are several options to choose from!
The rapid advance in technology over the past few years have transformed the performance and appearance of hearing aids. Hearing aids today are better at helping your brain make sense of sound, understand speech and locate sounds. The different levels of technology accomplish this in different ways. All hearing aids help you hear better but the most advanced ones help you hear more naturally.

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