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When we were all introduced to Covid, little did we know how much of an impact the virus could have. It has affected how we communicate, work, play, interact and hear. 

Wearing masks has been a big deal for those with hearing loss. Not only does it hide half your face and renders lip-reading impossible, but the mask also affects the clarity and loudness of speech.

How about social distancing? It is instinctual to lean in a little closer in order to hear a little better in difficult hearing situations. Most people don’t appreciate this approach anymore.

Are we tired of zoom meetings yet? Every computer and headset is different and getting the right set up so you don’t miss a beat can be challenging.

Hearing loss has an ugly reality of isolating its victims when they can’t participate in conversations. I see over and over how a person who has untreated hearing loss retreats into themselves as their world becomes audibly fuzzy. This retreat leads to isolation and poor mental health outcomes.

Even though a lot of us are staying closer to home these days and limiting our contacts is becoming normal, it is still very important to stay connected to the world around us. Ensuring your hearing is working the best it can is one way to keep this connection.


Possible solutions

If you are having a hard time hearing, book an appointment with your local Audiologist. It is always good to have a baseline to see where your hearing is at. If you do have hearing loss, there are many options for hearing aids depending on your hearing loss, lifestyle and finances. Many hearing aids have Bluetooth and direct streaming options to cellphones and other electronic devices. This option really brings in the clarity of speech and can make zoom calls, telephone calls and watching videos or TV a breeze.

Wearing a mask with some hearing aids can be a challenge. The mask is one more apparatus to have behind your ears with your glasses and the Behind The Ear style of hearing aids. When the pandemic first started, we had clients coming in frequently who had lost their hearing aid while taking off a mask. 

Check out our video on how to properly remove your mask: 

There are also attachments, such as Ear Gear and Otoclips you can use to affix your aids to a piece of clothing to help prevent loss. Many folks are opting for the custom hearing aid style so they don’t have anything behind the ear.

Your Hearing Health professional can help adjust your hearing aids so you can have a “Mask” program. It will help boost certain frequencies so you can hear someone who is wearing a mask better. 

I hope these few suggestions help us all communicate better in a very trying time. 

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