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 The trip to Amsterdam was a great business get away. 2 days of conferences with colleagues from all over the world and a few days to explore. Unitron hosted the conference and it was fun to be a part of as Unitron is the only Canadian hearing aid manufacturer in the world. At the conference the Discover platform of hearing aids was launched. They have improved the rechargeable battery feature with the lithium ion battery. Research is showing that the battery will last 5 to 6 years. They have improved the connectivity with your devices as well. No longer needing a remote to interface between the device and the hearing aids. Direct streaming from your TV, cellphone or iPad to your hearing aids. 

Many of you have been fit with the flex hearing aids, either as a loaner when your hearing aid has gone out for repair or maybe a demo trial before purchasing your hearing aids just to see what it’s like to wear an aid. They are broadening the use of the flex hearing aid to act as a part of the diagnostic hearing assessment. You would wear them home for a few weeks and the hearing aid takes note of the different listening environments you are exposed to. When you come back to our office, the hearing aids tells story about your hearing/sound scape. It helps us pick out the best technology for you. We are still be trained on its use, but hope to be using it with some of our clients in the near future as another objective tool for hearing aid selection based on your unique personal requirements.


Amsterdam is a lovely city and its people are so friendly and helpful. We were fascinated by how the Danes built such a large city on a swamp! There are over 100 km of canals weaving through the city. Amsterdam is below sea level and have an intricate system of dykes, dunes and barrages. They seem to be master builders around water. Maybe they could help us New Brunswickers deal with our flooding issues? 🙂

We were very touched by Anne Frank’s Museum. Having read her book many years ago, I knew I had to visit her house. It was a very emotional experience as I walked through the museum and up through the hidden staircase behind the book shelf. It was very hard to get tickets as they released only 600 tickets every morning. I was happy to see that people still wanted to learn her story. The climate is very similar to New Brunswick but they seemed to be a month ahead of us as evident by all the tulips and blooms in the Keukenhof Garden, the largest flower garden in the world!

We also spent a few hours at the Rijks Museum with Rembrandts special collection. I think we walked 10 km everyday through the cobble streets, weaving between cyclists and street cars. Cyclists have the right of way over pedestrians and cars, so lots of bicycle bells being directly towards wandering tourists. The city was relatively quite as very little motorized vehicles in the down town as most use bicycles to get around. My husband was happy to find a few good microbrewery spots and don’t worry , we didn’t get lost in the Red Light district!

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